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I write. Mainly dark and gothic stuff: Check it out here:

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My name is Kate. Apparently my name is Greek. I am not Greek, just to clarify.

To describe me I would say I am :

I have a dry sense of humor
I am Sarcastic (Perhaps a little too much)
I am good at Procrastinating
The legit definition of my name is PURE
I laugh at myself all the time
I am easy-going

I am a creative person: I love English and Drama. Acting or Writing would be my dream job. I write dark/gothic poetry and am currently writing my novel. My dream is to be published.

I love all music in all genres... rock, pop, classical (especially Piano) , alternative, metal... the list goes on.

I love all genres of film: Especially Horror, Sci-Fi, and good dramas. I don't really like rom-coms that much. If something has violence, death, blood, darkness, epicness
then I will probably love it.
I have soft spots for Moulin Rouge, Inception and Donnie Darko.

American Horror Story is my obsession along with many other things.
I also love adventure, old abandoned buildings, the Victorian era, fashion, grand houses, Gothic style, punk style, debating, philosophy, and psychology.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog :)

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